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Fire Starter

HalesLock 5 - Fire Starter

Yes, its that time again. A new HalesLock has been born, please welcome to the collection, HalesLock 5 "Fire Starter". 



I'm Happy with this final version, I'd also like to thank a couple of close friends that have looked over the various prototypes with me and given a seal of approval before release.


A special thank you must also go to Peter Hajek, who gave me the inspiration to give you one final task to solve. 


The objective, open the lock! Then try to remove the Ring - if you dare! NO random movements or hitting, find the elegant solution. 


READ the enclosed leaflet. NO solution included. 


Good luck! 


Haleslock 5 will be available from the previous place you purchased a Haleslock from, and other outlets, so let the hunt begin! 


Limited version, will not be remade. 


Release date September 2018

HalesLock 5 - Fire Starter
HalesLock 5 - Fire Starter