Welcome to my very first item up for auction 

And the lock collectors meeting 2016 Germany, Dingolfing



So for a long while a lot of people have wanted to know how they can get there hands on one of my puzzles. It wasn't until Haleslock 1 was released that I had anything to offer. With the release of Haleslock 1 also came dissapointment. A lot of people missed out even with me thinking I had made enough for the intrested people. So where does this bring us?


This year I went to the lock collectors meeting in Germany, Dingolfing, 2016 hosted by the Huber brothers. We had a great time, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A masssive thank you to Rainer Popp who looked after me again, Peter von Knorre & Jonny, and of course the Huber brothers for a fantastic time. There are many more people that make this happen and I thank them all. If anyone has an interest in locks this is a MUST go to, please ask me for more details. 


At last years meeting myself and Rainer was asked if we would like to do a lecture at this years meeting. There is not much I can offer to the wealth of knowledge here, but most of these collectors don't know much about puzzles. So Rainer asked me to do one with him. I thought I could do something on my trick lock, Haleslock 1 and he would help with the translations ! 


So I did my lecture on how to make and solve the Haleslock 1, Rainer did one on how to bend shakles (fascinating !) along with some other very good and interesting lectures.


For my lecture I brought with me a couple of Haleslock 1's to show and demonstrate. One being the standard one you all have (gulp), but I also brought with me a new one of a kind Haleslock 1 - plus.

This Haleslock 1 - plus is a 60mm much larger lock, with the same solution as its smaller brother. I made it especially for the lecture. I was missing one of the side bolts when I got to Germany, so unbelievably while Rainer was showing me around he's workshop he offered to make a new one. 10 minutes later I had a new (and improved) pin. Now Rainer will play this down, but i'm going to play this UP, and you'll see why soon. 


So now what? 


Did you miss out on a Haleslock 1? want one? 

How about a one of a kind Haleslock 1 - plus. with a handmade part by Rainer Popp??? 

Also included is a special key USB, containing my full powerpoint lecture, lecture notes, all the instrucions and solution sheet and video demonstration. please note that the infomation contained on the USB is for your eyes only and strictly NOT to be shared or posted (please).




Well Nick Baxter has kindly agreed to offer this one of a kind at he's next auction on Baxterweb starting this Friday 14th October CLOSED!


Please take note that I am not doing this for self-gain. ALL OF MY PROCEEDS will be going to a CHARITY of Nick Baxter's and my choice, and we have decided that the proceeds will go to Laurie Brokenshire's ABC swim fundraiser.


I have heard rumours of some of my locks being offered at ridiculous money, that I will ALWAYS discourage myself. But for once I absolutely ENCOURAGE you to bid as much as you can for this lock, even if you own one, that includes you, yes YOU. I'll likely bid myself too as I don't even own one. It will all be for a worthwhile cause that I hope we all agree on, and what the hell, you're getting a great (is it?) puzzle !!


I hope you can join in with the spirit of things and raise a few bucks for charity, but also gaining a very handsome lock for doing that, that will NEVER be made again, it's really worth a bid, I promise! 


This truly is the very last Haleslock 1 style to ever be made.


Here are some photos below, with one next to my standard version to give a size comparision (not included)


Good lock....... :-)


I would also recomend that the winner does get in contact with me! 







Well have you kept up with the auction on Baxterweb? Have you seen where we are right now? I just don't know what to say, but at the very least a MASSIVE thank you to every single bidder !!! (that has to inclued me, but you outbid me in 5 minutes)  


So I think my idea of "PLUS" may have gone over most (all) of your heads !


So my thinking? Well we have a few computer engineer's amongst us, so I like the "plus" idea for the bigger product.

But it had another sub-meaning. Because in this auction someone is going to win a one of a kind Haleslock 1, PLUS, something more. 


Yep, whoever wins will not only get the Haleslock 1 plus, with the USB, but you will also recieve the very next Halespuzzle that is released from me. Absolutely free of charge. No post or packing, no nothing. Its yours. 


Not enough?


Oh go on then, you want SOMETHING else !! Something VERY special in my eyes. 


I have another bonus to give to you also, with special permission from the worlds best trick lock maker today. 


Along with my Haleslock 1 plus, and my next halespuzzle, you will also be getting a unreleased handmade Popplock from master Rainer Popp.


How about that? You see why I was at the lock collctors meeting this year, I visited and was taken care of by Rainer, as i browsed he's beautiful collection of locks and strong boxes, (he also has a wonderful collection of puzzles!) I noticed a small unknown (to me) Popplock. Rainer expained that it was a small project he had worked on, but wasn't taking it any further. He let me take the lock so I could have a good play with it. it's small (T6 size) sliver, with a simple soultion, but also has the lovely A-Ha moment, as you'd expect. 


We have had several conversations, as we do, I've also explained to him what and why I'm doing this auction. In our conversations it come up that it would be nice if we added this to my auction, and luckily (for someone) he's agreed that I can add it. He knows Lauire and would be very happy to help raise somemore money for he's charity if we can.




This is a unreleased prototype (you would never know though) and Rainer DOES NOT have any for sale. So please DO NOT ask him, this is all for fun and a great cause. I am absolutely so grateful to him. I hope it does what we hope it can do. 


This Popplock is NOT part of the "T" series of Popplocks. it will never be for general release (as far as I know)


So in summary, if you win my Haleslock 1 plus in Nick Baxter's auction, the winner will need to contact me. once it's all verified, you will receive:


The Haleslock 1 plus, & USB key (to remain private please) from Nick.


Bonus gifts:

The next Halespuzzle that I release, directy from me, free of any charges.

A prototype Popplock directly from me, free of any charges.



I hope you like this update. And even although the bids are outstanding, I hope this will now encourage you to raise the bar just that bit higher.


Lock collectors & puzzlists please dig deep :-)


Thanks to all the bidders again, on behalf of myself, Nick, Lauire, and now Rainer.







Haleslock 1 - plus, with a standard size lock (not included)
Haleslock 1 - plus
Haleslock 1 - plus
Haleslock 1 - plus
Unreleased Popplock, that will NOT be avaliable for sale. This lock is not part of the "T" series. From Rainer Popp
Haleslock 2 - The very next Halespuzzle
Lock collectors meeting 2016, Dingolfing