You knew this was coming? Right?

Ever since I released Haleslock 1, I've been asked what about Haleslock 2?


Making puzzles has to be a passion of love. No doubt about that. But from the moment I released my first puzzle for sale, with the responce I got from everyone it was inevitable that I would test myself again. I think this category of modified trick locks I've chosen to do is not an easy one. There are some fantastic modified locks out there, so keeping up the high standards won't be easy ! 


So here is my second attempt !


I have made more copies of my puzzle this time around, to try and get more to the puzzlers out there, but be aware they are still very limited. 


So please contact one of my puzzle resellers (you all know them, don't you, and if this is a success again I will REALLY try to get more resellers on board, but meaning more puzzles to build if I can !!) this will be your BEST option to get one, by the same means you got a Haleslock 1 (sorry if you didn't)


I really hope not to have as many disappointed people this time around (I am trying my best!)



Good luck and I really hope you enjoy this new version of a modified trick lock.