Thank you



I would  like to thank everyone for their support and bids.


After discussing with all of the bidders, it seems the next fairest step is to take The Circle & bonus puzzles to auction. This has been a bit of a dilemma for me, the sealed bids was the wrong choice, having bids from one end of the scale to the next, as nobody knew what to bid. At auction you have a choice. A much better one I think. 


I have chatted with Nick Baxter, and he has again offered and agreed to put it up on his next auction sometime soon.




Good luck to anyone that would like to own these puzzles.


This will NOT be happening again (a offer of my limited puzzles) for a very long time I think (would need to be very special, so I really hope the need will be a long time) but also be assured that I definitely will NOT be going back again to make any of my old puzzles. 


Best wishes