Terms & condition's

My puzzles are extremely limited, so far to only 4-6 copies of each, although I will slowly start to increase this number.


This is mainly because I do this in my spare time, only for the sheer enjoyment of it! And to see/hope that I am able to create something that will be a good challange?


At the moment all of my puzzles are considered to be prototype designs only, nothing I have done so far meets my own expectations or the quality I would expect from a really good (retail or artist's) puzzle. This is because I have seen and own some truly fantastic puzzles, unfortunately I don't have the skills or the specialized machinery for some of the internal mechanisms I would love to build, to get them just how I would like them (like William Strijbos, Rainer Popp, Brian Young, Robert Yarger, Kagen Sound, Mike Toulouzas, Peter Wiltshire, Stephen Chin, Kelly Snache, Neil Hutchison, Perry McDaniel, Marcel Gillen, Gary Foshee, Peter Hajek, Lee Krasnow, & too many others to mention, sorry again for so many missed names)


Everything I do is custom, or heavily modified in someway.


NONE of my main puzzles have been for sale, all of my puzzles so far have been gifts, to puzzle friends I know, and have been of a great help to me in someway, or people that have given many hours of enjoyment to us all in many ways and this is just a small thank you from me.


I am now starting to produce small amouts of modified "trick" locks to sell, another one of my passions apart from wood. Keep tuned in for releases.


The main condition from myself is that if you have been gifted one of my puzzle designs then you MUST keep it in your collection. It can NEVER be sold, swapped or even given away without explicit permission, remembering that I have spent many hours and money creating this for you, and I hope it's understood why I make this a condition.


I doubt this will really ever be an issue anyway, as most puzzlers I have ever meet hate parting with their puzzles, even the not so good ones...........


So if you find yourself on the gift list (and one day you mite well do) You have been warned!