The Goblin's Door



The Goblins have stolen the Fairy's and Pirates' treasures. The mission is to recover the stolen treasures from them! 


Can you discover the hidden treasures? It's well known that Goblins hate Fairyes, but now they have upset the pirates too! 

So explore this puzzle box, you need to break into the Goblins hideout using all the tools you can find along the way! Be careful there are many hidden and horrible things along your quest !!! 


I got the idea for a puzzle from the film "Beetlejuice" a few years ago from a scene in the film, see if you can recognise it?


Then with Mike Toulouzas releasing the Fairy's door in 2015, these two things gave me the inspiration to make "The Goblin's Door" 


A VERY special thank you to Mike for giving me his blessing and encouragement to create this puzzle, and allowing the nod to his own design etched into the face of the door with the same techniques as his own.




Just enjoy :-)